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At the cancer center and in my private practice, I work closely with individuals who want to achieve a healthier and more vibrant way of being. Whether you want to upgrade the quality of your life, transform a health challenge or gain strength and control through a period of transition, I welcome you to that process!

I specialize in women’s issues, preventive medicine, chronic illness, stress related disorders, and lifestyle management. (You’ll find more information about my specialized training here. Read about my experience with life-altering illness and philosophy of practice here.)

For specific information on corporate consultations, professional development, training and workshops please contact Brenda by calling 678.393.0066 or emailing You can read how it works below.

How It Works…

Health Psychology integrates the latest findings from experts in a variety of scientific disciplines. Skill building includes valuable techniques that can restore the brain and improve immunity–as well as cardiac function–while increasing your peace of mind.

Further, recent findings in neuroscience help us “heal the past in the present” and transform negative patterns into positive coping strategies. As a result, principles of Health Psychology are being taught in advanced health care centers as a primary means of preventive medicine.

If you already enjoy great health, a personalized health psychology program can help you keep it. If you’re facing illness or a transition in life, such as divorce or other life change, vital discoveries from leading experts can not only boost your immunity but your creative problem solving abilities as well.

Since chronic stress can cause a multitude of health problems–from autoimmunity to bone loss and even weight gain—practical and effective stress reducing techniques yield measurable results. In addition, the way we think and feel affects every physical and metabolic function in our bodies–controlling hormone secretion and nerve activity–which either strengthen or weaken our immune system. Taking charge of these areas can significantly improve our health and upgrade the quality of our life.

For many people, beginning a health psychology program is an important step in the process of creating a healthy and satisfying life that suits you. I welcome you to that process!

Initial Consultation…

To schedule an initial Skype or in-office consultation, please contact Brenda by calling 678.393.0066 or emailing

For details, office location and fee schedule, please review and complete the Health Questionnaire below prior to our meeting together.

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