This music is different. You already know that brainwaves can be measured with an electroencephalograph or EEG. As a result, we know brainwave rhythms reveal whether we are in deep sleep, involved in problem solving or just day-dreaming.

Happily, certain sound frequencies have been found to gently nudge us toward a brainwave frequency that supports our goals.

Each of these downloads was selected with certain goals in mind. Unlike music with distinct melodies, these sound frequencies will not overstimulate or distract.

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healing waves


Download the dreamy background music in our popular free stress-busting audios. This 30-minute sound track is free of vocals and features a blend of Alpha and Theta frequencies that support healing and repair.

creative journey


Jumpstart your problem-solving ability, smooth out your day, enhance your creativity, and feel refreshed and renewed with the rejuvenating rhythm of Alpha waves.

peaceful rhythm


For deeper reflection and profound peace, the warm layers of Theta provide a soft and tranquil backdrop for self-awareness and insight.

sweet sleep


These soothing and nourishing tones support Delta brain waves—a sign of sleep. Only to be used when deep sleep is desired.

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Cautions and Standard Disclosure: These are not to be used as a substitute for medical care.  Although it is highly unlikely, if you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use. Do not use if you have a pacemaker, suffer from a seizure disorder or are pregnant. And never use while driving. The downloader on this site assumes all risks in using the audios, waiving any claims.

The effectiveness of the binaural beats is enhanced when headphones are utilized. We also recommend that you listen to the music at a quiet volume. Turning up the volume will not increase the effectiveness.