table of contents

The following is the table of contents from You Can Beat the Odds: The Surprising Factors Behind Chronic Illness and Cancer, by Brenda Stockdale:


A Note to the Reader XII
Foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D. XIII


Beyond Diet and Exercise 3
Myths and Medicine 5
The Crucible 6
Personalizing Your Program: How It Works 8
Stacking the Deck 10
Getting Well 12
The Number Nine Bus 13

Week One…

The Biology of Miracles: The Science Behind Beating the Odds   17
Your Brain as a Pharmacy 18
When the Body Says No 19
The Genie in Your Genes 21
The Biology of Belief 26
Your Gut Instinct 29
The Tipping Point 30
Hormones of the Heart 35
How We Know: What Came Before 36

Turning Stress Into Strength: Your Personal Key 47
How Stress Can Save Your Life 48
How Stress Can Kill 49
New Thinking on Illness 52
The Secret to Managing Stress 54
How We Know: Controlling the Uncontrollable 55
Gone with Girdles! 60
Overcoming the Past 64
Breathing for Your Health 66
Stop Losing Energy Now! 67
Relax—On Cue 68

Week Two…

The Healing Power of Imagination: Technology At Its Best!    73
How We Know: Your Imagination at Work 75
Gateway to Healing 79
Personalizing Imagery 81
Imagery as Medicine 89
Tuning in to Creative Problem Solving 95
Changing Channels in Your Brain 96

Good Vibrations: Music and Sound As Medicine 101
Just What the Doctor Ordered 103
How We Know: Sonic Bloom 104
The Pied Piper 106
Taking Control 107
The Nature of Sound 110
Psychoacoustics 115
Your Healing Voice 118
Mood Music 122

Week Three…

Creating Resonance: Harnessing Energy For Healing 128
How We Know: Teasing Out Resonance 130
The Coin of Your Life 132
The Energy Pie 135
Reclaiming Your Energy 136
Fatigue Fighters: Fascination and Purpose 140
Building a Bridge to the Future 142
Uncovering Hidden Beliefs 145
Symptoms as Metaphors 149

Week Four…

Immune Power: Insight And Your Extraordinary Life The Writing Cure! 155
How We Know: The ACE Study 156
Who Gets Sick 157
Healing the Past in the Present 160
The Yellow Brick Road 163
Writing for Your Life 165
Unlocking the Truth 167
The Heroic Journey 169
Give Yourself a Breakthrough 175
A Happy Medium 177
Sweet Dreams 179
Drawing Upon Your Experience 183

Week Five…

Survivor Traits: What They Are, What They Do, And How To Get Them 189
How We Know: The Science of Survivorship 190
The Three Cs 193
Curiosity, Novelty, and Enrichment 195
Which Brings Us to…Commitment 196
Survivor Traits 199
The Healing Power of Laughter and Play 203
Acting as If You’re Worth It 206
Just Say No 208
Metta 209
Healing Connections 215
Redefining Family 217
The Technology of Mindfulness 220
The Reluctant Hero 223

Week Six…

The Biology of Belief: Remapping Your Brain With Cognitive Insight 231
Through the Looking Glass 232
How We Know: Hard Evidence for Positive Thinking 233
The Bless in the Mess 237
Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain 241
Unplug from Negative Thinking 243
Tricks of the Trade 245
Ice Rocks 247
The Three Questions 248
The Third C: Challenge 251

Meaning: The Heart Of The Matter  257
The Anzio Effect 258
Resource Guide 269
Notes 279
Acknowledgments 305
Permissions 308
Index 310
About the Author 318