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Shocking Statistics…

Recent research shows achieving optimal immunity involves more than diet and exercise. In fact, surprising risk factors–greater than smoking, diet, or cholesterol–-can make the difference between robust health and life-threatening disease.

Today we know that the mind/body relationship is so finely tuned that the likelihood of catching a cold can be entirely predicted based on your emotional state and something as insubstantial as a thought can generate new nerve tissue in the brain and change the course of your white blood cells.

Skills, techniques and technologies can influence body processes once thought to be beyond our control such as hormones, blood pressure and even genetic expression.

Personalize Your Program…

These methods have been shown to be so effective (and cost saving!) that insurers have added codes for their reimbursement and some even offer discounts for those trained in their use. If you already enjoy great health, this personalized program can help you keep it. But if you’re facing illness, vital discoveries from leading experts are synthesized into a remarkable 6-week class, so you can harness available technologies quickly and easily. 

Endorsed by leading specialists in multiple disciplines, this essential program condenses hundreds of studies, letting you focus on what really works without complicating your life.

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You can easily take advantage of these scientifically-based techniques proven to boost health and vitality in measurable ways. Whether you attend our programs at Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, read the book or focus on your goals in individual sessions we welcome you to that process!