I frequently hear from busy people asking for a fast fix–-something to drive down stress hormones in a hurry. So we created a 5-minute stress busting solution to refresh and revitalize a busy day with special sound frequencies that help heal.

Click the links below to play the audios. If you wish to download to your cell, tablet or computer, press the three vertical dots on the player and hit “download.” Then put your feet up and close your eyes. Remember, the first track is only five minutes.

Play your free audios by clicking the links below or download by pressing the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the audio player and press “download” to download the audio directly:

1. 5-Minute Stress Buster
2. Your Healing Place
3. Your Healing Image

(Not to be used while driving of course!)

PS: To go deeper into the skill–so you can personalize the experience and take it with you wherever you go–we’ve included two additional tracks to do the trick. All three are free, so enjoy!

With warm wishes,


“Autogenics is my reset button. Really.”

“I just finished listening to your imagery downloads. It was sooooooo wonderful!!! I hope it is only the beginning of your guided imagery recordings…”

“I use your audios every night before I go to sleep. Now, when I feel stressed during the day all I have to say to myself is ‘I feel quite quiet,’ and I can feel myself relaxing and not allowing a stressful situation to get the best of me.”

“In my management position I have become so adept at using the technique in ‘Autogenics’ that I no longer need the audio. As a result, my blood pressure has stabilized and my physician affirms I no longer need medication. Thank you!”

Cautions and Standard Disclosure: These are not to be used as a substitute for medical care.  Although it is highly unlikely, if you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use. Do not use if you have a pacemaker, suffer from a seizure disorder or are pregnant. And never use while driving. The downloader on this site assumes all risks in using the audios, waiving any claims.

The effectiveness of the binaural beats is enhanced when headphones are utilized. We also recommend that you listen to the music at a quiet volume. Turning up the volume will not increase the effectiveness.